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Educators for Washoe Schools is a committee of people who work in the schools, committed to making sure that every kid in our county has access to the best school facilities and education possible.

We are actively campaigning to pass Washoe County Question 1 (WC-1), because we know that many of our schools are overcrowded. We do our best to teach in the 220 existing portable trailers and don’t want to see that number rise to as many as 600. We’ve seen students take more pride in their school and education, when it isn’t run-down.


We are a team of nurses, aides, counselors, librarians, secretaries, bus drivers, deans, custodians, nutrition service workers, and teachers working for every student enrolled in our Washoe County schools.

We provide for the whole student at school, as teachers and education support professionals, so kids learn skills they need to succeed as adults.

We drive kids to school safely throughout Washoe County in any weather and often a long way.

We feed students nutritious meals, so they have energy and focus to actively learn during the school day.

We are educators who love our students and Washoe County. That’s why we are campaigning to pass WC-1. We are the ones who clean the schools, patch leaky roofs, and try to make the facilities safe for everyone on site. That’s why we know that the only long-term answer is for many of our schools is new floors, a new roof, or new boiler. We need the type of capital investment that will only come if we pass WC-1.



We are outgrowing our schools. Most schools in Washoe County were built when Washoe County was less than half its present size. Schools average 40 years of age in our county; 40 years ago Washoe County had less than 193K residents and today population is estimated to be nearly 450K.


Nevada decided to improve teacher’s salaries to attract and retain the best teachers this year, but has not funded improvements and repairs to schools where these teachers will teach.


Many Washoe schools have urgent needs such as inadequate fire protection or asbestos, toxic when inhaled, that must be removed. Our kids need safe schools NOW.


“Our school is extremely overcrowded. My classroom is in a temporary portable that is so full of desks I have limited space for students to work in groups or interact one on one.”

- Paulina Rios, McQueen High School

“Learning is hard enough, our students shouldn't have to worry about broken air conditioning or a busted water main. In order for students to be fully engaged their basic needs must be met.”

- Juan Palacios, Pine Middle School


Educators for Washoe Schools knows that even the heroic efforts of individual teachers and education support professionals alone can’t make the improvements our schools need. We are committed to make the public and key decisions makers know what needs to be done to improve Washoe County schools, and will take action to achieve better schools. This starts with passing WC-1, but we know that our work must continue.

WC-1 is a half-a-penny increase in the county sales tax, that will raise the revenue needed to fix our aging schools and build the new ones we need as our county grows. All the money raised will be spent on school repair and construction. With this money, we can build 15 new schools and make critically needed repairs to our existing older schools including fix leaking roofs and failing ventilation, and remove asbestos. Currently, there are schools in Washoe County that are more than 30 years old and are in significant need of repair.

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