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Critical Mass: Why A Stadium Could Never Build A School

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As many Nevadans watched, our legislators went into special session over a football stadium and our governor signed the bill to approve a hotel room tax to build it. Washoe County residents will be voting on a own sales tax increase Nov. 7. The lines easily blur when we think the governor should put that football stadium money into building and repairing our schools. What many residents don’t know is even if he wanted to, he couldn’t.

It’s not that the state doesn’t have the money or couldn’t generate it. Obviously, they have decided they have millions for a football stadium. Right?

Wrong. It’s been repeatedly pointed out in my past articles, how Washoe funds our own capital projects isn’t simple. A series of Nevada Revised Statutes (laws) govern every aspect of our funding, most especially NRS 387.328 which establishes by law that each county funds their own school buildings and repairs. They establish that it is separate from all other funds and budgets.

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